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Floppy disk ADF to DMS?

Is it possible? I mean on the PC side of things. The Winfellow page says XDMS can do it, but it doesn't look like it from the docs. Is there a PC ADF tool that can do this? Or even better - an Amiga program that doesn't run in a Workbench environment (kind of like X-copy or something) that i can run in WinUAE?

I know there are several WB based utilities, but i am looking for one that doesn't run under WB.

The reason i want to try this is that i am having difficulties transferring some ADF's via serial port to my Amiga 500 - and i would like to try to transfer DMS files and then write them to disk on the Amiga instead.

ADF to DMS - any solution you can think of will probably help -whether it be emulator (but non WB) or real Amiga 500 (no harddrive, 1 Meg RAM, three 720k drives) based.


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