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SpecOS sounds interesting...
...I don't suppose you have more info..?

Slightly off-topic:
One thing that really annoys me about all 'modern' OS's is their habit of claiming ALL the resources on the system, & then (maybe) free up enough to let the user get a look in after the fact...
-small exaggeration warning-
...let's face it. CP/M did just about everything one could expect of an OS on early hardware - everything else is *just* eye-candy. IMO it's unforgivable that as hardware has developed OS's are actually taking a higher proportion of system resources than they used to and don't bring anything new to the user.

I know there's an argument that filling your system is just good resource management but as an example:
If I'm watching the telly I'd like my legs to be available to take me to the loo in an advert break. I'm not so sure I'd like the idea of having to apply to the local utility company first to get their use back because they'd been using my legs to power a dynamo...

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