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Hey Toni Wilen,

Are there plans to optimize and perfect the larger partition support and remove it from the test phase and increase the size limit to more than 1 TB? I am just curious.

Right now I have a 232 GB partition (heheh love every bit of it) and I believe it is a power issue I could be wrong but when I transfer large data on it or leave it idle the hard drive make the TICKING sound as if it is powered off and I get huge error message. I have to reboot the system before it comes back again. My thinking my power supply cannot constantly give it full power juice all the time so there is a power drop or something. I am going to switch the power supply configuration and have my power supply get full power from the wall (power supply) and my DVD reader get's it's power from the Amiga power supply. But I was thinking something more different. I was thinking of having both devices get their own power separately by their own power supply. I am intending to do that.

I love having large partitions...especially when I don't feel guilty feeling it with PDF files, ROM images and applications/games.

I love using my DVD player to watch movies on them and transfer datas through it.
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