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Discussion: ModSurfer



Original concept:
No. Heavily inspired by the PC game AudioSurf ( [ Show youtube player ]), which builds a track with synchronized bends/hills and items to collect from an audio file. ModSurfer will derive the track from a MOD file.

Expected game size:
Each game will last up to the length of the selected MOD file (or until it loops). MOD files will be provided by the player from their collection.

Team members (Real or forum names):

Targeted spec:
A500 with 1MB. Larger MOD files will need more chip RAM.

Tools to be used:
GCC and VASM. ptplayer to handle audio playback.

Description of game:
From the title screen the player selects a MOD file from their collection, through a simple file browser with a MOD header decoder.

The track and sample data is pre-processed to build a 3-lane pseudo-3D (Lotus-like) track with synchronized curves and hills. Items will appear on the track in time with the beats to collect. Hazards may be added later but the goal is to keep the experience as relaxed as possible.

Scoring is based on the total percentage of items collected. Difficulty will vary with the speed of the MOD file and its samples.
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