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I found these sources of zip ram in a google search:

Chips for Less 1-800-820-6009

T.T.I. Technologies 1-800-541-1943

Microprocessors Unlimited 1-918-267-4961

Mountain International 1-541-347-4450
For Mountain Int’l - ask for Model # GR-Zip 2
(this contains all 4 DRAM needed.)

There are a few alternatives to zip ram, though:

(1) buy an accelerator board that takes 72 or 30 pin ram (worthwhile if you want more speed than you have at present)

(2) buy a DKB 3128 ram board (expensive for a simple 72 pin ram board, even 2ndhand)

(3) buy a Z3 Fastlane SCSI controller (will work as a simple 30 pin ram board and you get a nice fast DMA SCSI controller with a minor modification; not so attractive if you can't get the SCSI controller part to work, though)

(4) a ZIP to simm adaptor, like the SIMMfonie, AmiFast A3000, or generic ones (they will allow you to add cheap 72 pin ram, but they're hard to find)

(5) make a zip to simm adaptor (see

Also, just for some general info. on the A3000, check out Calum Tsang's A3000 hardware guide:


this webpage about the A3000 (

The A3000 is a great machine except for a couple of things, namely, the useless desktop case that you can't fit much into and the motherboard taking zip ram. C= sure did some strange things. Good luck with it all!
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