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Sounds pretty much the same as my ACA620 - which truly is a delightful card and puts my A600 in A3000 territory in terms of performance - slap on my Indivision ECS and it truly is a lot of FUN to play with!

With the ACA620, I was truly impressed with the price - performance and I suspect the ACA1221 is going to be some what better with the faster clock.

While it is probably to early to ask: - while the CPU would support a faster clock - it would have substantially less memory than the earlier version of the ACA1221 - would this be reflected in price point?

Its a sad shame that there is a lack of full core 020 CPU's, I am pretty sure you expected these low levels hence why the EC route - one thing that has surprised me though, ever since the development of the Chameleon, why has Individual Computers not developed an FPGA based upgrade for the Amiga?
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