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I will post the two versions I have to The Zone tonight. Because I dont know if they are still available.

I am using an hybrid between the two versions. I kept the old shell for increased stability, and use the tools of the new one. Perfectly compatible

I'll also include a "skin" because the default one sucks. Customizing this shell's looks is not as easy as on Litestep, but as I said, I preffer this one to any of the others because it's absolutely SOLID.

The only times explorer kicks in would be if you load IEXPLORE.EXE (not your case of course ) or teh Windows Explorer (I recommend using ACDSee 2.24 instead).

IF any of these bitches crash, your OS doesnt fall down with it.
The requesters and all that still are handled through the standard libraries, so if those fail, there's nothing good ole Serenade can do.
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