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Originally posted by Akira
WOO! I forgot the MOST important PC freeware software I use everyday!

Serenade - A great shell replacement, I got rid of that unstable explorer.exe and use a much nicer, simple, NeXTStep-like interface. This is by far my preferred OS interface, and this shell replacement is great because it's VERY easy on the processor (no unneeded eyecandy), looks OK, and it's VERY stable, much more than Windows' own Explorer. I recommend, again, an old version for maximum stability! Versions 5 and newer if any) were a bit full of bloat.
This sounds very interesting. I wasn't aware you could toss the explorer shell, which I despise. How can I get this Serenade (the version you are running...I know how PC software gets progressively worse with each upgrade...)
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