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I needed a P2P program and I remembered Kodo always mentioning WinMX so I got it. I love it!

My PC list contains stuff from most of what you guys put here.. i'll add some of my Amiga faves:

MNUĀ³ - Anim utility for teh VJ. Move them anims in real time, and mix them realtime too. great!
Videotracker - Free with CUAmiga. Awesome for live performances using the Joystick module
DirWork - Nice mega-lite DOpus-like program thingy. Been using it for ages
MagicMenu - The old version! Been using it for ages too.
LHA, LZX, UnZIP, etc - you need decompressors
YAM - I LOVE this mail client!

Hmm.. got to check, I surely have lots of others (MCP, BlazeWCP, FBlit...)

Oh what the fuck, I'll add some PC ones (though most of my PC software is 'freeware', if you know what i mean )

Winamp - i'll stick to an old version though, I don't like the V3 previews
[b]Ad-Aware[b] - get rid of that spyware!
Div-X - The free version :P Great for video work
Power Archiver - A great tool
WinMX - just discovered. Great!

[edit]WOO! I forgot the MOST important PC freeware software I use everyday!

Serenade - A great shell replacement, I got rid of that unstable explorer.exe and use a much nicer, simple, NeXTStep-like interface. This is by far my preferred OS interface, and this shell replacement is great because it's VERY easy on the processor (no unneeded eyecandy), looks OK, and it's VERY stable, much more than Windows' own Explorer. I recommend, again, an old version for maximum stability! Versions 5 and newer if any) were a bit full of bloat.

Oh, and I'm running an old rev of SuSE Linux, does that count? I use WindowMaker of course (that NeXTStep interface again).
That is, when I use it :P my script server got buggered and I havent touched it ever since, i cant care to fix it or reinstall it.
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