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Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
George, was MAUG happy to see the minimig ?

Do they wish to see it back again ?, I think they were a bit disappointed with it from the impression i got. Unless it was because i didnt have any speakers with me for the sound.
Hard to judge there Brian, Not many gamer types amongst the group but I guess it satisfied their need to see one running and I am sure they are thankful you came down and demonstrated it. You are of course welcome to come back and set it up anytime you like or bring in any of your amigas. Most of the guys just hover around depending what is going on at any particular meeting. I should have the indivision to demonstrate next meeting and if anyone wants to see that running they are welcome to come down.

Most of the guys have PPC classics and A1s so I sometimes think my oldschool stuff doesn't interest them much but a few of the guys appreciate there being hardware there to look at, talk about and play around with regardless.
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