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The drive is working fine on my 3000T which I'm using to create the tape. I've worked through with BTNtape but I found it confusing as to how to transfer the files (00, 01, ...) to the tape. First I used "tar" to put the files on the tape - but I do not know if that worked. I did try to use that one but got all errors and assumed it was the tape. However, it might be the same error I'm having now.

But now I've done a "copy #? to tape:APP", which took half a day because I forgot to add the no-rewind option to the mount list entry.

Anyway, I cannot get it to install just yet - and therefore do not know if the tape is setup correctly.

I have two SCSI IDs in the machine on a SCSI2SD card. SCSI ID 0 is my Amiga 2.0 install. SCSI ID 1 is for AMIX (13GB but I only define a few small partitions at the start). After booting AMIX (which will not load the root fs floppy if Kickstart 2 is loaded in memory for some reason) and setting up the partitions it will start reading the tape and complain about not enough filesystem space or lack of inodes. Even though it just did a newfs / makefs or whatever goes on ...

Any tips?

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