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Request for UGH! on the C64

Probably not the right place to ask but I have to try. Currently no takers on the Lemon64 forum.

I'm looking for a retail disk image for the game UGH! in order compare with other versions. While there are plenty of cracked versions, they all seem to be based on an pre-release magazine review version and all have their own individual issues.

I have longplayed the success crack and while it mainly plays fine, it crashes when loading the ending and it is only visible when viewing by the trainer. I'd say the best crack is the red sector release as it has a better loader with continuous music while the level loads and its ending works. However you do not get too input a highscore as it just reloads the game from the cracktro! It is also missing the intro. All the crack versions are missing the map files needed for the Team play mode and when you try to play them, the game will either crash or request to insert side b (which doesn't exist in the cracks.)

With all the crack releases, the game is not able to be completed without knowing code to continue from level 37. There are 50 levels which range from 1 to 52 as levels 24 and 45 are missing. Level 36 is not complete able due to a map error blocking your path. (01:03:15 in video)

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I have also longplayed the Tape version which is claimed to be Original in the Gamebase 16 collection. This one is notable different and has its own issues. The levels are in a different order to the cracked floppy versions and some levels have different names. The most notable difference is the main player sprite.

It has 50 levels 1-50 and no issues completing them. The level that was broken in the floppy crack (Level 36) works fine in this version (level 29). Upon completion of level 50 the game jumps directly to the title screen. No highscore entry or ending!! Both versions use the same level codes. Inputting 51, the game just reloads the title screen. Inputting level 52 and the game loads an uncompletable level. There is a large file at the end of the tape image which I assume is the ending but the game doesn't get to load it.

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I've been looking around for an original uncracked image but can only find a listing for it in the SPS project. I'd like to playthrough the game to see if there was a final completable good version.

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