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OK so I had a play around with this and I guess it's a bit challenging...

What I'm trying to do is get the audio sample here:

which is 2 minutes long to be able to play with decent quality on the Amiga, BUT i need to get the file size down to about 700kb.

So I transcoded the file using sox to both 8Khz and 12Khz...

The 12Khz I would go with but it would mean I have to fit it across two disks, although it would fit in the A1200 chip ram.

the 8Khz version is reduced quality... but still quite large and I don't think they'll compress down to one floppy.

I tried Kalms utils but all i got was "Fail" when trying to convert the wav's...

Can this be taken to a 1 disk floppy with audio akin to the 12Khz???

Possibly a madman task.
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