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Originally Posted by indigolemon View Post
In terms of getting whats on an ADF, easiest way is to stick it on the thumbdrive using your Mac (the drive will be FAT32 I'd guess) then use the gotek to select the ADF of your choice. As far as the Amiga is concerned you've then replaced whatever disk was in in DF0 with the ADF you chose.
I think you're describing what I had planned to do if I couldn't get my PCMCIA-CF reader working—install each ADF, one by one from the USB-thumbdrive onto the DOM. First, I have to figure out how to mount and format the >4GB DOM.

Originally Posted by indigolemon View Post
. . . Having done similar recently, use the Workbench ADF's on the pen and setup your DOM - then you can footer around much more easily when it's running from the onboard HDD (DOM).
That's what I'm going to attempt to do! Thanks!

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