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Originally Posted by MrGimper View Post
Do you have a copy of the source without the cydia stuff that will compile?


1.just download the complete zip from

2. open it in xcode

3. when you try to built it, it will fail due to a handful of errors, nothing serious

you have to do the following to make it run:

4.delete the complete run script section in the xcode project to get rid of the cydia scripts. we don't need that anymore in ios9

5.make roms and disks folders and put Kick13.rom and adfs to it, be sure you have added the adfs in disk under project built settings->build phases->copy bundle resources .

6.the LaunchImage was missing (it complaints about the image xcasset) , just create a new one and enjoy

Can't wait for iOS9 to get it on real and NOT jailbroken hardware. Played Speedball2 in the xcode simulator sound was perfect.

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