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Audacity is excellent, and I rarely use the rest of LibreOffice, but the Draw module in LibreOffice is very good for quick flowcharts and line art - far better than the tools built into Word. And it can copy & paste the diagrams into Word, which makes it very useful. Inkscape is also a very good vector program.

Other than that, it's more or less only dev stuff for me. Most free software unfortunately isn't as good as its paid counterparts or lacks key features or compatibility, so they rarely get a look-in from me. Some free stuff I do use, despite its limitations, because I can't justify the cost of the commercial alternative and it's "good enough" (for example, I use KiCAD for larger PCB design despite much preferring EagleCAD), but for other software that's just not realistic.

Notepad++ is very good - I have personally preferred Gedit on Linux but also use it on Windows. Alas, they've dumbed down the interface a while back, so I might end up switching back to Npp at some point.

WinUAE should get a mention of course
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