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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
But it does. Look at games like Street Fighter.
It's unavoidably damaging in my opinion.
I don't know that game other than the arcade version, but indeed, making it single button isn't exactly a great idea...
The fact most joysticks are single-button shouldn't be an excuse to not use extra buttons when available.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
An example: let's say that a certain game requires you to do an action that needs an extra button, and it is your space bar. This action is critical and you have to factor in, when playing, the time it takes you to reach out for that spacebar.

If you say "I support control with 1 button joysticks", you have to make sure that your game design choices, like reaction times and difficulty, are playable also with the 1 button joystick option. This might lead to the gameplay being "dumbed down" when you have a two button controller. If you keep it tailored for the 2 button controller player, the 1 button controller player might be at a disadvantage.

So you either let the 1 button controller user get fucked, or you ruin the experience of the 2 button controller user.
In my opinion I rather say "2 button controller minimum" than "one of you is gonna get fucked".
One of them IS gonna get fucked regardless of the game design.
If the game is designed for 1 button, the 2 button user gets "dumbed down" game play.
If it's designed for 2 button, the 1 button user gets a disadvantage.
It it REQUIRES 2 button, the 1 button user is even more fucked and just can't play !

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Exactly! This is why I think full keyboard control is a great option and it should always be available as an alternative to controllers. You can have 2, 3, 4 buttons!

I very happily played Flashback on Amiga exclusively through keyboard controls because I had all these extra buttons. There is no way I would have played it with a 1 button controller.
I don't see it otherwise.
All my ST game ports using the joystick can use the keyboard too
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