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Originally Posted by honx View Post
unfortunately only own joysticks with one button
Sure that's what you own, but what stops you to go out and buy, really cheaply, one that supports two? Honest question, because I don't understand why this doesn't happen.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
You can design your game so that it supports the 2nd button without any other care than supporting the keyboard as well. This way, if the player has 2 buttons he will use them, but if he has not, the 2nd button is on the keyboard. Don't many games already do this ?
Mapping a key gameplay action to a keyboard key is cumbersome. It can totally break an action game. This was a HUGE fail of Amiga game design forever, I will never understand the negligence to use widely available two button joysticks on all games from the get go.

How can anyone say that it is the same to execute an action with the same hand and on the same device you are using, than o release that device, reach for a keyboard, press a key and come back to the controller? In the case of a joystick, this means you either stop firing or stop controlling the directions. You only have two hands. Any two button controller will let you use the same hand you use to fire to press something else. You usually can pres both at once, and if not, the time between changing from one button to the other is minimal.

This makes a HUGE difference in games like what Steril is making (a shmup)

You would say that by 2018 we all should have learned a lesson from Amiga's past mistakes and start to make games that, at the base config, need at least a two button controller.

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