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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
What means the RTG refresh rate box of WinUAE? Most Picasso96 setups of the 90 era would not work instead with 60Hz displays only? So everyone who wants it to be compatible with those systems should not need to change it to the option 60 instead? Or am I misunderstanding the real purpose of it's options?
It selects system reported refresh rate. Most programs don't care, some earlier RTG boards does not even support vblank interrupts (like Picasso II).

What means each of the RTG color mode boxes? I know these are for color space conversion, but what I am unsure is what is their relation with the conversion itself. Looking for them, I would bet the first pair controls the high color conversion and the second the true color conversion, but I don't know if I am right because I never had a RTG board on my Amigas and in reality I am not a good coder too.
It selects which modes are available. Defaults are optimal for emulation (little-endian BGR = no need to do conversions). No real RTG board supports all modes. If you change option, screenmode preferences mode type also changes.

Earlier RTG boards generally supported big-endian modes only (RGB), 24-bit mode was highest supported.
Later RTG boards only supported BGR modes, 32-bit mode replaced 24-bit modes. (32-bit being divisible by 4 makes it easier and faster in hardware)

Usually programs don't care but there are games that only work correctly with RGB modes.
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