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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
It's made from mostly generic off-the-shelf hardware. The OS was clearly a rushed afterthought too. So it's no mystery how it was done so quickly.

Yeah I know there's that, I was thinking more about the Jack attacks, the business problems encountered along the way. There's a big gap between the temporary injunction stopping Shivji from working on RBP and the ST coming out - clearly someone wasn't playing by the rules and it was probably down to Jack.

For example, the business bullshit that Bil Herd put up with for the C128 is really well documented, as are the business events leading up to the birth of the C64 (like the fact that Jack didn't want to pay for *anything* to do with the C64 until it was released, even a new case design). I've not been able to find much around that part of the folklore, not even from his sons when it comes to the ST.
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