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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
You can try undelete option for this A3000 HD. If ATAC files were deleted, you can recover something.
I don't remember if it had a drive but if it did, the contents would have been backed up before doing anything. I have lots of archives from Argonaut days. Mainly SNES development including Starfox 2. That was because I was based at ATL (Argonaut Technologies LTD) which was the SuperFX (later renamed ARC) side of the business. Nothing with atac or a_t_a_c or anything like that is in any archive.

Not sure if undelete was available for AmigaOS out of the box. But for sure I wouldn't have thought to have tried it.

The A3000 was swapped for an A4000 in 1999 so I don't have the machine nor the actual drive anymore and lost touch with the person who does.

Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Hmm... the name Krister rings a bell but he wasn't working on Amiga stuff so far as I know (and A.T.A.C. was the last Amiga game Argonaut did).
I know the A3000 user didn't work for Argonaut when I was there (1997-98). And I know I met him at a party. I just looked at the credits for a few Argonaut Amiga games and that was the first one that rang a bell. But... after a long hard think i believe the A3000 owner was actually someone called "Danny Emmett"

Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Did your A3000 have a small, square Boing Ball sticker on it by any chance? If so then that was definitely one of the dev machines.
Not that I remember. As I said I don't have it now. There may be some photos of it at my house. I'll check.

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