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Well, my approach is a bit different but result is soooo awesome I never could ask for anything better. I recently got a new ultrabook yoga 2 pro which has native resolution of 3200x1800 on 13.3'' screen. Crazy, I know (well, retina-like) so windows has to be on 200% zoom. (with some other scaling problems, but I'm not here to talk about windows). However winuae - oh winUAE, I turned on AmiGT filter (on that native res it gives maybe not perfect but lovely blur) and - yes! - rgb mask!! So on high DPI with this small screen - you don't really see it, but when you get really, I mean really close, CRT alike pattern comes out. This has absolutely great subliminal effect of e.g. whites not being completely white, but, you know, THAT oldschool feeling! After turning on those two effects I can't stop starring at my 1084, err, my uae screen. Actually, the only missing thing is flicker, but I'm sure it is possible to emulate it with some black/white frame insertion
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