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Oh why are so many Amiga games such excellent examples of how not to design a game? Even by people who you'd expect to know better. And how did US Gold manage to get so many contracts for conversions and film tie-ins? Did nobody ever look at their previous work before signing them up, or were Factor 5 too busy?

The logic seems to be that they can't get smooth frame rates at full screen, so they have to fill the space with something, but if you put a panel at the side you either have to use up valuable hardware sprites or do away with hardware scrolling. But to be honest it seems to me that most of these programmers never even heard of hardware sprites or hardware scrolling. Then again the Bitmap Brothers managed without and didn't do too badly. But "M. R. Chudley" knew well enough to get good nearly-full-screen performance on Wiz'n'Liz so I don't know what his excuse is for Killing Game Show.

Not even a free practic makes up for it.
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