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Originally Posted by planetidiot View Post
I'd love to add steam cards, I just need funds to pay an artist and time to put it together.

As for the price, I don't agree with the downward trend of pricing. It's not sustainable. If people feel the game costs too much, I'd rather add more content to the game and give people more value for the price. I mean, it's only $15 (US). That would barely cover your concessions at a movie theater -- and the game is a lot more fun than a bucket of popcorn and a soda

But then again, I'm a game developer and not much of a business guy. I'll try putting it on sale next week and see what happens.
Thanks Planetidiot. You're of course entitled to price the game however you want, just pointing out in comparison to many "indie" games, especially on Steam, the initial price was possibly a little high to entice potantial buyers.

I decided to go ahead and get it anyway on the latest sale, cost around NZ$15, but have to say it is a hell of a lot of fun, especially couch co-op. Definitely needs to be played with controllers for full enjoyment, and we enjoyed the "Challenge Mode", although it didn't take long to complete. A Season mode, customised teams etc will be a great addition, so looking forward to that too!

Now, in line with the NES/SNES/Neo-Geo feel of the game, will wrestlers be added to the mix at some stage?
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