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Unhappy Rotation

Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
It would not if you give a limited amount, like three rotates per game plus a way to gain one like every 10000 points

About mod files i can see if have way to make one
There is also a technical issue with the rotation. In every step When you put the formations in to the game area the system checks that the available formations can fit anywhere or can't. If a formation doesn't fit anywhere, than it gets a grey(ish) dark color in the selection area. If non of the remaining formations fit, than the game is ended. It is important to do this. To check these formations on all available positions takes a lot of processing power. It's allready a noticable lag when you put a formation to its place. If i need to check all (three) formation on all available places on all rotation, than this lag time would be four times longer and that is seriously affecting the playability by slowing it down. (Especially in game modes where you run against Time.)

If anyone has a solution for speeding up the process, then please take a look into the (AMOS) source code (it's on the disk). It would be wery helpful!
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