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ROTATE: I don't want to rotate the shapes becouse it would have make the game a lot easier. Block Puzzle and Block Jewel types of games are not have this rule either.

TIMEATTACK: A TimeAttack and a few other mode is allready in the making (next version), where you have 15 sec to make a row. There is an other where every third move a block will be relocated in to an other slot making the game more difficult.
This (and new) gamemodes are probably will featured in future versions.

WRONG CHANNELS: Thanks for the tip! The issue was in the code, not in the mod itself. If you prefere an other mod , than it can be easily replaced in th gamefolder.

OTHER things: The next version has a few changesin point calculation as well. You get more points if you make more rows simultaneusly, and even more if it is built by the same colors.
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