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Finally bought a MIST

Now I too bought a MIST and must say I am very impressed. It is very easy to use: just copy the core and a rom and games.. to an SD card. It boots in seconds. Really great is the picture quality (I use a LCD-TV via VGA). It is even much better than a real Amiga or C64 connected though Scart. Could not be better, also the scrolling ! What impressed me the most is the compatibility already achieved. My personal experience: C64: very good on games, good on demos ; Atari ST very good on games and a bid less demos ; Sinclair Spectrum (almost ?) perfect ; Amstrad CPC: perfect ! And last but not least I tried the new minimig core as an Amiga 500. I have testest some demos and about 40 games. Result: all worked perfect, only exception was Super-off-road .Not sure if this is because of some preferences like drives or memory. In the next weeks I will try also the Amiga 1200 Setup with hardfiles. I am really happy with this. Now I plan to put it into an old Amiga 500 case and use the keyrah and an Amiga 1200 keyboard to have the perfect Retro Amiga (and Atari ST, C64, Spectrum and CPC The Mist community has one fan more ! I hope to see even more systems for the MIST.

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