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How was the PAR drive connected when ddrescue was used? That could make a big difference in how much data can be recovered.

Connecting via a USB-IDE adapter isn't a good idea. The adapter firmware wouldn't have been tested properly with error-giving drives. Connecting directly to a native IDE port, and using ddrescue's direct disk access option could also help. Otherwise the OS read-ahead caching can create problems when bad/error sectors are reached. If I were doing it, I would also use ddpt which can give more visibility into error conditions.

If you still have the drive and didn't do anything silly like write to it, some or most of the missing data could still be recoverable. The problem with the existing image file is that all file/project metadata is missing. The PAR stores that near the end of the drive. Even if some sectors of the drive are not readable, it could be that all the metadata is actually intact.

It may be possible to recover individual frames from the existing image file without the metadata, I hope to look into that at some point.
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