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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I have uploaded my work-in-progress PAR technical notes to The Zone (

Hopefully the information there should be enough to allow emulation of the PAR
board, at least to the extent of allowing:
- All tests run by PARTest to pass.
- The GUI of the PAR main program to be explored.
- A base for development of programs useful with real hardware. For example,
it should be relatively simple to write a program to dump/restore image
files from/to the PAR-connected drives, without needing to remove them from
the board.
- Given an image file created from a real PAR drive, it should be possible
in emulation to browse and export the files from it using the PAR
software. At least exporting in "PAR-native" format, which does not
require hardware-decoding of images, should work.

Maybe creating a separate thread about this would be better if anyone wants to post related questions.
Excellent work. I do wonder if DPS kept essentially the same filesystem on their drives on later products even as they changed codecs...
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