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Originally Posted by chip View Post
It seems to me that the "default" sound settings of WinUAE are OK
Yes, I think this is what even top musicians prefer (accepting that it can't be perfectly the same).

Since the Amiga had digital audio, the difference is not that big. The biggest difference is that modern sound cards and speakers are much more revealing, while you may not have had a top HiFi system back then. (Some also boost the treble, especially headphones.) So you will hear every sampling artifact from consumer equipment from that time, if the game is old.

My WinUAE PC has a normal sound card and a good 2.1 system where I can dial down the treble a little.

If you want genuine plastic case monitor mono audio I'm out

Likewise for genuine wooden TV RF noise

100% separation is 100% genuine ofc, but probably everyone is on board with less because 100% only melted together if speakers were either side of the monitor, and you need them farther apart for a proper speaker setup.

Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
And the interpolation filter, is it indispensable to nicely emulate the sound of the Paula chip? Is there any difference with it or without?
The filter is software-controlled (and sometimes the software leaves it on for reasons other than masking bad sample quality), and WinUAE allows you to force it off. To hear the sound generated by the software "as-is" (or "as-was"), you must not force it off. But because of the mistakes, maybe this is a default I should change. It's just that when I run old stuff I guess I want the muffled sound, IDK.

For the Soundtracker era, MAYBE leave it on. For everything after that, I think force it off. If you run the correct trackers or players ofc, it's always turned off so it hasn't been an issue.

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