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Corruption (Magnetic Scrolls) loading/title picture

Corruption was mentioned recently so I loaded it in WinUAE.

The loading/title screen is interlaced (HAM mode I think). It appears fine with cycle-exact/68000 emulation, but with my normal fast config (JIT, non-cycle-exact etc.) WinUAE doesn't detect that the display should be interlaced. With non-laced line mode set to Double or Scanlines the display shimmers slightly, since the odd and even fields alternate on the same output lines. It appears stable if you "force interlacing" by using Double, fields(+) non-laced line mode.

I'm assuming this isn't a problem with WinUAE, just something odd about the way the program sets up the display, and might happen on a real non-68000 Amiga too? I'd be interested to hear what it does differently, if anyone knows.

Edit: I started to look into it. I think the way the game sets up the copperlist is to blame; it doesn't work properly on later Kickstart versions.
Edit 2: As a workaround, you can set your Workbench screenmode to PAL: High Res Laced before running the game. Then the title screen appeared correctly interlaced.

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