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Robert Morewood
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Progress update: Disabled everything (autoboot, 68040 cpu, and autoconfig memory) and it boots. Enable the 68040 - still boots. Autoboot - only boots with the old hard drive attached (powered or not, it appears dead) - is that dead drive acting like a bus terminator? I can read other drives on the scsi bus, but the controller seems to have problems with partitions above about ?2Gig?. I've been told that the Zeus scsi driver is a bit buggy? Autoconfig memory causes the boot to freeze. Start testing memory with the Zeus_MemTest program: It says ALL my SIMMS are bad (tested all the SIMMS in different banks with different speeds set in the jumpers). Next stop, test the simms in another memory board, the one I took most of them out of where they were working (last year).

To Hewitt: All the documentation says 1Meg or 4Meg simms, and the memory test program Zeus_MemTest asks how many 1Meg and how many 4Meg simms you have and gives you a picture of the required jumper configuration for each memory configuration. I'll try cleaning the pins.
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