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Robert Morewood
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Progressive Zeus 040 troubleshooting

I bought a Progressive Peripherals Zeus 68040 accelerator for my A2000 last summer. I finally found time to install it, but I'm not getting much.
At power on the screen brights to a very dark gray, and that's it.
The CPU fan is running and the card does gets warm.

I don't think it was totally dead - on a couple of occasions yesterday
I got an early boot menu (not working today), and once it reported
the correct manufacturer and product code with a status of "working".
The rest of the times it report NO expansion cards, although there were
a couple still installed at the time.

The system does appear to be working correctly with the old A2630
accelerator (just not with the DKB2632 memory, but without memory
it is severely crippled.)

I've been playing with jumpers and memory sticks.
(I have a bunch of 1 Meg 30 pin SIMMS, four 80ns's and four 100ns.)
Currently I'm back to what I think it came with:
Jumpers on: A3 B1B2B3 C2C3C4 D2 and J102-left J601-left
There are four memory sticks in Bank 0 (4Meg each at 70ns)
The terminators are missing and I currently have the harddrive

What tests should I try? Have I destroyed this card?
Is there anyone who might repair it?

Thanks for any hints,

Robert Morewood
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