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Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
Amiga lacked affordable upgrade paths altogether. In 1992, my only logical upgrade path from an A500 was the A1200. Add ons seemed absolutely stupid at the time - in terms of Hard Disks I was locked into the byzantine, obscure pieces of proprietary SCSI Commodore hardware and accelerators for an A500 were obvious dead end upgrades that would not work with a platform upgrade to the A1200.
True Commodore didn't help with easy and affordable hard disks, but the gaming models A500/A1200 etc were just that, for gaming, if you wanted easier ways to upgrade then the A3000/A4000 models were for you.
Beyond the basic A500 memory upgrade which Commodore rectified with the A500+ these budget models were just that, the next step from a C64, people didn't buy a C64 and plan to upgrade, same for A500/A1200 owners, the upgrade was a new machine in most people's minds.

Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
In comparison, I could see the PC as a 'platform' was something you could invest into and upgrade over time to keep up with gaming demands while staying on the cutting edge. 1994 was when the A500 left the house and a 486 DX33 with VESA SVGA and Sound Blaster Pro rolled in. It wiped the floor with everything a fully upgraded A1200 could do.
*shudder* PC's may have been more powerful (of course they cost more!) but the ease of use and incompatibility still leaves a sour taste in my mouth!

Originally Posted by appiah4 View Post
A500 was great value for 87-91. 92+, it was underpowered, and a pain in the ass to upgrade. A1200 was a poor value proposition for its timeand got gradually worse and worse over time.
Not under-powered at all for most of its normal shelf-life, by the time 92-93 when the SNES came along in Europe it was starting to struggle in terms of shifting sprites, but it still had original games, plenty of these were ported to the SNES, the A600 should have been released at £199-£249 as a real budget started computer to sit alongside the SNES which was released a month later in Europe.
Power only came into a product if its new and priced high, the product was still a great product that i would have no hesitation in paying £250 for in 1992 had i not an A500, trouble was Commodore launched it at £349, cheaper to produce yet the same price the A500 was selling for the last 2 years!
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