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I don't understand how people think accelerated more expensive Amiga's would have been better and sold more? I didn't see the A1000/2000/3000/4000 selling more than the budget models?

In hindsight, Wing Commander would be better on a 030 for sure, no one would have paid for it, PC's were too expensive and were gaming was second to what the machine was used for in 99% of cases until 93/94 when Doom kicked off people buying PC's just for gaming.

Originally Posted by nobody View Post
A500 was obsolete by 1992/1993.
Only because Commodore killed it with the A600/A1200 which were dead on arrival. it was far from dead software wise.

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Commodore was too late with A1200, it should be out on 1990 with a HD as a standard to take the lead again.
The A500 was hitting its biggest sales in 90-92 , awful time to release a new machine.

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The A500 should be out on 1985, so the Amiga was 2 years late all the time in a world that you had a Spectrum 48k at 1984 and then an Atari ST at 1986. Huge technology leaps every year and Commodore stayed still milking from the Amiga for 6-7 years.
So the budget version of the A1000 should have released the same year as the top range model? yeah ok...
It wasn't 2 years behind at all, the A500 was fine as a budget model until 92, the A600 should have come in cheaper not more expensive, Commodore blew it with the AGA, should have forgot about that and not pulled the trigger in reaction to the AA taking too long, and released Hermes in late 1994 instead, the 16-bit market was still strong, heck even SNES and MD were selling until 1996, the AGA killed the A500 where all Commodores latter sales were coming from and wasn't big enough difference to generate sales itself, the proof being the A600 easily outsold the A1200 both being released the same year, no wonder developers were confused and continued with OCS versions and only adding AGA enhancements, the amount of AGA only games is pitiful.

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