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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I noticed that your SupraBoot disk (version 1.09f) is slightly earlier than supraboot.dms available from (version 1.10c).

The version of supradirect.device on your disk has the same bug as I mentioned in this posting. I've attached a fixed version of supradirect.device from your SupraBoot disk here. You should make a copy of your SupraBoot disk then replace devs/supradirect.device with this fixed version.
I am now booting from a floppy: v.3.8 of SupraBoot. Part of the boot sequence offers to run SupraHDTools, which I accept, and with that I confirm that the HD and ZIP disk are mounted. If I skip this step the ZIP disk goes unrecognized. I think HDTools chains two other utilities to inventory the SCSI bus; I may try invoking them directly to see if that is the case.

I hope to replace the boot ROM with v6, at which point the bug in version 1.09 should be moot. They DID find the bug eventually, didn't they?

Thanks again to those who suggested the DSM disk compression and LHA file unpacking utilities. I have now "mashed" some 55 commercial titles to the ZIP disk. These are variety of applications not including games, which I have yet to process. There are another 50 of those, plus perhaps 25 or more Fred Fish disks and whatever else was downloaded from various BBS.

All in all more than 200 disks; more than the poor ST125 could hold. Hence my urgency to find a solution for the ZIP device. I will publish an inventory when done. There may well be some rarities among the lot.

(Word Perfect comes to mind: I recall that when WP announced they were dropping support for the Amiga version I wrote to them and implored them to reconsider. Their answer was that 90% of their sales came from the IBM / PC version, 9% from Apple and the remaining 1% was divided among all other brands. I had to agree they had a point. But now I am well into the 99th percentile with one of the few surviving copies.)

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