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I was looking at seepic, that's interesting to know it can only do 32 colours - I'll have a play with that. I'm also looking at AGASSM (another slideshow creator) I'll have to check and see how many colours that supports.

Converting some images down to 256 leaves them looking a bit shaky in certain areas - I wondered if there was a happy medium setting somewhere between but Imagestudio only seems to want to use the set 16 Million or custom colours between 2-256.

640x512 does seem pretty stable - just need to work out the colours now and see if AGASSM supports more than 256. I know it wont do 24bit images - are 16million colour images 24bit?

Another question... how do I best pack images to make them smaller in file size - I read that AGASSM supports "Power packer" and I have seen that around but never used it - is power packer easy to use?

What's the latest (or last) version available?

Once again guys - cheers for any info!
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