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I used a 120gb Seagate harddrive on my old A1200 with the old Power Flyer (FastAta today) It got full after downloading loads of stuff using just dialup over the years until 1999 (the year my old A1200 passed away)

Now the new A1200 has got a 7gb 2.5" hdd :P with a laptop CDROM which I can't seem to mount properly. Need a 160GB 2.5" hdd very soon. (FastAta1200 is awaiting dispatch at Amigakit)

Why don't you buy a 80pin scsi hdd and use a 80pin to 50/68 pin converter?

Never used a CF but you can use anything that's larger than 8gb.

I just used blizkick with my BlizzardPPC to replace the old files in the 3.1 rom with the newer ones extracted from OS3.9 boingbag2 AmigaOS ROM Update file. I think there are even more recent versions of those files like a newer scsi.device available. I think unofficial boingbag3 and bb4 includes those.

I guess the setpatch of OS3.9 patches the Blizzard's scsi.device (is it 1230scsi.device ?) to make it compatible with hdd's larger than x gb?

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