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Originally Posted by liquidsmoke View Post
the rapidroad looks very good, but i feel £112 for just transfering a handful of adfs is a bit excessive and i cant really justify the expense.

i think ill try the blank adf method as its the cheapest.

cant use my pcmcia slot anymore with 8mb of ram unless im constantly flipping the jumpers around. which is inconvenient tbh.
Depending on the board (as I have seen some without), a jumper as mentioned by solarmon can help with the PCMCIA issue for switching between 4MB/8MB, although was this not only an issue with KS 3.1 (as apparently there is no issue with memory allocation in KS 3.0). My preference would be to attach a switch to points instead of the jumper and simply run the wires to come out of the vents at the top of the Amiga (or you could drill the case and attach it properly at the back (like how people used to put a switch for their dual kickstarts)...
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