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Multiple Amiga's in one case

Hello all!

Just a thought, may be someone has already done this, but has anyone tried to combine several Amiga's into one base unit/case/custom 3D printed thingy etc?

The idea I have is having a tier system in order of how they would be 'stacked':


Would this be possible utilising a form of 'KVM' to enable one set of keyboard/mouse to control all of these machines and a selector switch to choose which Amiga to boot? The PSU may require some work, but effectively using a modern PSU to connect the relevant voltages individually to the Amiga's (in parallel so they all have their 'own circuit' so that one PSU can potentially be used to power any of them).

This may be just be wishful thinking, but I like to think of it as how Amstrad Mega PC combined a PC and Mega Drive in one unit.

Your thoughts welcome, and pictures too if you have already embarked on achieving this!

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