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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Having 6 bitplanes active hogs a lot of blitter time so forget that idea. It would probably be a net loss of speed especially since they've already optimized the restore routine to opaque blit, I think.
I'm talking about quick&easy changes to game engine when game detects that it is runing on AGA machine (ie. not real enhanced (more colors) AGA port). So that would mean running in 8 bitplanes dual playfield mode. Only makes sense if that would make 50 fps possible, otherwise is would look and run the same way as non AGA anyway.

If the game is also coming to modern machines (PC) I was guessing code to run the game logic at 50/60 fps should already be there as it would be a bit strange to run the game at only 25/30 fps on modern machines. 25/30 fps on LCD is not as bad as 25/30 fps on CRT. And 50/60 fps on LCD is not as good as 50/60 fps on CRT. But it's still better/smoother (try 2x increased playback speed of trailer video on YouTube).
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