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Originally Posted by aros-sg View Post
Quick test: how far away from 50 fps are you if running on A1200 and temporarily replace the BOB restore routine with a blitter clear routine? (For a quick AGA improvement with basically unchanged game code/game gfx one would use dual playfield and have BOBs in second playfield so restoring bobs is just clearing).
Our focus at the moment is 100% on getting the OCS game finished, which as you can imagine is a huge task by itself, so I really apologise in advance if I don't engage on AGA questions yet.

I can understand that it might sound like a bit of a contradiction to say that we are laser focused on the OCS version and at the same time announcing support for modern platforms, but the thing with that is, that running the game on modern platforms actually increases the speed of development for the OCS version.

When running on a modern platform, I can take advantage of any development/debugging tool available, as well being able to easily add real-time diagnostic stuff to the game which would not be feasible on an A500. This stuff saves heaps of time.

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