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Originally Posted by Tsak View Post
@Saimon69: Nice ideas, however it's way too early to start thinking about easter eggs and alternative modes right now. I guess everything is possible but we have to wait and see.

@Shatterhand: the key word here for me is responsiveness, how easy/natural it feels to perform the wanted action and how this affects the game's flow. I have a friend who tried the game and only just 5 mins into it he started doing crazy stuff, comboing various moves, flying around and smashing heads like a maniac. And his feedback was that everything felt precise, spot on and easy to perform. Obviously this is something that the rest of our team has also verified.

I agree 100% with the game examples you brought up, like Lionheart and Body Blows (I would add Barbarian and a lot other Amiga brawlers into this list). The main issue with all these games is that the responsiveness is kinda garbadge (imho) and it often feels you are moving a tank around, rather than an agile warrior. Which drags down the whole experience and makes performing moves a chore. Metro siege is hopefully nothing like that.

Now, when it comes to using directions and buttons, it's not like you need to keep the button pressed and THEN press a direction (like it's done in some of the aforementioned games). Just pressing them at the same time works equally as well. And it's exactly as you'd expect from various similar moves in arcades. For example check the Punisher moves list which uses a lot of similar direction and button combinations.

I disagree. If we did it that way, then everytime you tried to move down or up the lane (or forwards or backwards for that matter) you'd do a different attack or move by mistake. What you want to do instead is to facilitate that the player will be able to use his basic jab and combo attacks freely while moving around and not f.e. low kick unintentionally everytime you try to reach an enemy that is below you. Forcing the player to stop in order to jab and do his basic combo is super unintuitive imho and hurts the game's flow.

Anyhow, besides the above, I just want to add here that nothing is set to stone yet and we'll continue refining and streamlining the controls as the game's development progresses. Also keep in mind that we're considering a 3 or more buttons option, so the player will have more variety in regards to his preffered control options.

That's correct
Basically this is another interesting topic I might get into later on. Thanks to this method we were able to create a crazy amount of moves and anims with the minimum possible RAM overhead. F.e. the Alex character has currently more than 230 frames of animation he is just 42k!

Personally I consider this to be one of the greatest technical achievements the team has managed to pull off so far and without it the project would not be viable without sacrificing gameplay and variety in the process.
awesome. SOR sprites don't have the half amount of sprite frames you got.
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