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I agree 100% with the game examples you brought up, like Lionheart and Body Blows (I would add Barbarian and a lot other Amiga brawlers into this list). The main issue with all these games is that the responsiveness is kinda garbadge (imho) and it often feels you are moving a tank around, rather than an agile warrior. Which drags down the whole experience and makes performing moves a chore. Metro siege is hopefully nothing like that.

Now, when it comes to using directions and buttons, it's not like you need to keep the button pressed and THEN press a direction (like it's done in some of the aforementioned games). Just pressing them at the same time works equally as well. And it's exactly as you'd expect from various similar moves in arcades. For example check the Punisher moves list which uses a lot of similar direction and button combinations.


Forcing the player to stop in order to jab and do his basic combo is super unintuitive imho and hurts the game's flow.
I actually feel that hold a button and pushing a direction is more unintuitive and hurts the game flow more than puttting the joystick in neutral *just vertically* to start comboing.

But well, I'll just have to wait and test the game myself then when it's ready
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