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Fiddled with the code a bit but still having problems on A500/600 - runs on 3000 (with wrong colours). I guess I am setting up something wrong so thought I'd post the setup code as I can't see what the problem is:

LoadPalette 0,"graphics/backgroundpal.iff",0

BitMap 0,320,257,2
BitMap 1,320,257,2


Buffer 0,16384
Buffer 1,16384

INCLUDE "includes/vsprites-asm.bb2"

;For n=0 To 6: GetaSprite n,20: Next n
GetaSprite 0,0

SpriteMode 0

InitCopList 1,52,256,$2,8,32,-255    ; Create two coplists for
InitCopList 0,52,256,$2,8,32,-255    ; doublebuffering! (needed)

DisplayControls 1,0,32,$11
DisplayControls 0,0,32,$11

DisplayBitMap 1,0
DisplayBitMap 0,0

CreateDisplay 0

DisplayPalette 1,0
DisplayPalette 0,0
I know there is something wrong as the only way I can affect the sprite colours is by changing colours 0-15.

Thanks in advance for suggestions...
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