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Happy Hello from Portugal

Hello everyone,

Decided to join in after some lurks here and there with some technical situations I have came across in the Amiga scene. Although up until now it always had been with emulation only...

Recently I have become the proud owner of an A1200; not my first Amiga though as I've had an A500 back in about 93~94 as a hand-me-down computer, and even though I was somewhat late to the "party", it was an amazing experience, until a year or so later it unfortunately stopped booting floppies and I gave it back to the original owner to try to repair but to no success...

I can say I waited 25 years to get a hold of this amazing machine. I remember seeing the A1200 and the A4000 in some magazines and nearly drooling over them

My A1200 is nothing to write home about, it's a bog standard CBM version with KS 3.0 with very few upgrades done to it just to be able to launch WHDLoad games.

Apart from a brand new keyboard membrane, as the original one was damaged, I got 8MB of FastRAM and an 80GB HDD that I had laying around, partitioned to 0.5GB for WorkBench and 16GB for WHDLoad Games using PFS3.

That was one long introduction... Thank you for reading!

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