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Originally Posted by nolunchman View Post
chip quick is amazing. i removed an 030 and coprocessor with that stuff (using hot air and chip quick.
Wish I'd have known about this stuff last week!

Here's a pic of my jerry rigged setup for removal of a direct-soldered 030 from a TF530 i'd messed up:
You can't really see in the pic, but the 530 was balanced in such a way as when the solder got to the right temp it would simply 'drop' out. I was obviously there to catch it (though it was bloody hot!).

Anyway I had to have the air at a very high temperature, plenty of flux, and the nozzle far away enough from the board so that the air flow just about covered the area of the chip. I don't have an IR thermometer at the moment - it's high on my list of things to get next! Anyway at the point the air hit the board the temp had obviously dropped a lot (which is why I had it set so high), so hopefully no damage came to the chip. You can't see (it's off pic), but a small fan is blowing across the bottom side of the board in an effort to keep it cool.

It worked! But the chip was so hot to the touch that I couldn't hold it until some seconds had passed - that being said, it wasn't hot enough to blister my skin and it cooled pretty fast, so I have my hopes that its still functional. There was certainly no (extra) damage to the board or the traces around the chip etc. It'd be a shame if the chip was dead though as it's a rare example of a genuine NOS 030RP33. Nothing special, just definitely genuine.

Next time I'll use bloody ChipQuik!!

Cheers guys,

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