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December Quiz - clues #2

Wow, look at all these people - with 90 participants (of which one is from this community) this is already the biggest round of all time! :O

This is partly due to the "old maniac forum", where the mods are handing out amazon vouchers to the winners to give something back to the community (a server-financing promotion had gone much better than expected)... but of course the other communities were very active as well.

Watch out - the december quiz ends on new year (UK time), so sunday night!

Here are the very last clues... don't forget to participate or update your existing entries.

1) The number 2 is a well known action game from the first person perspective.

2) the knights in game 7 and 22 are both called "Lancelot"

3) The 25 is a graphic adventure from a time before "point & click" - here we are still using old fasioned text entry.

4) Those who name a Dreamcast game for number 6 will only get half the point.

5) The 18 is a strategy game from a german developer.

One last thing: Usually I give half points for vague or half-wrong names, but I got things mixed up for number 4 & 12 - those two will now get you full points even if you're only half right. The same goes for game 17 - that's a really big series, you don't need to find out the exact installment.

Please participate via, deadline is Sunday December 31st.

Here is the quiz image, one last time:
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