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There are no drivers for the infra red remote and front panel buttons on a CDTV. They work with the CDTV ROM disabled. However the disc-playing buttons will not work without the CDTV ROM as those require the cdtv.device and associated libraries to be active.

I look at it this way, if you have an IDE or SCSI controller in your CDTV, and replace the built-in CD-ROM with an IDE or SCSI CD-ROM, why not add a Hard drive as well and put on a lot of WHDLoad games, which supports many but not all CDTV titles.

Then you can still use your new CD-drive with CD Playing apps but booting from a disc is a problem of which there are some workarounds, burning a custom rom, booting from HDD to run CD-ROM bootstrap, boot from floppy to do the same.
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