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Originally Posted by MoRetro View Post
If we think out of the box, what would it take to use a standard CD or DVD drive in the CDTV or CD32?

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In theory on CDTV you could use a SCSI cartridge to give you connection to an external SCSI CD or other drive. But, applications which expect the drive to be of a certain type and accessed a certain way, for things like Karaoke or playing Audio CDs might not work anymore.

Doubt you could boot off it though, and finding such cards available isn't easy. Although maybe I haven't really looked.

I guess SX32 also technically permits connecting IDE CD-ROM to a CD32 but same problems (availability, compatibility and probably non-booting).

Neither the CDTV (Matsushita) nor the CD32 (Sony) CD drives are either IDE or SCSI, IIRC. I'm not even sure they are compatible with each other.

Mind you, if you can select a boot source on CD32 by holding down both mouse buttons, might be possible to select an IDE drive to boot.

On the CDTV, the cartridge just provide a SCSI controller chip, the software driver is included in the onboard ROM I think. At least, it is in an A570, and you CAN boot from a SCSI drivee on an A500 with an A570 with Kickstart 2 upwards. Perhaps on 1.3 too, never tried, no 2 button mouse trick to select boot device. The SCSI cartridges are technically compatible between A570 and CDTV, but while a CDTV cartridge will hang out of the back of an A570, an A570 SCSI cart is too short to reach inside a CDTV.

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